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ross rotherham

Leadership Coach


be more effective in work and life

Working with a leadership coach is the most effective way to accelerate your performance and eliminate roadblocks. Whether you want to develop your leadership capability, executive presence, communication clarity, or your ability to influence, coaching is a perfect way forward. Developing your leadership approach will flow on to optimise the outcomes of your team.

I work with managers like you in technology roles to achieve maximum effectiveness in work and life as you expand your seniority and grow your career. By identifying and amplifying your personal strengths, you become more effective and achieve greater satisfaction in work and life.

Each new role has different challenges and expectations. I can help you channel your ambition, drive and excitement in the right ways to be successful.

Are you ready to embody the most exceptional version of yourself?


How I Can Help You

Successfully transition into a new role or expanded responsibility

Develop your personal brand, presence and confidence

Build effective communication skills to deal with challenging situations 

Align your values and strengths to define your leadership style

Lead courageously, fostering innovation and engagement


Clarify strategies of recognition and people development 

Strike an effective balance of managing up and managing down

Delegate effectively for optimum outcomes.

My approach to coaching

My comprehensive approach helps you excel by exploring what drives strong performance, such as leading with strengths and executive presence. We explore what’s holding you back and work to develop positive collaborative behaviours. Coaching also considers how work fits within your life as a whole and their inevitable impact on each other.

We start by defining what excellence looks like for you and the impact you wish to make, along with your purpose for work - and life. To help you reach your potential, we tap into your strengths and focus on value-based goals. At the same time, we work to remove the interference of behavioural blind spots, quieting your inner critic voice and identifying well-being imbalances that could be holding you back.

Curious about the impact you could make?

Let’s take a powerful step forward together.


Ross brings a wealth of life experience

Ross has a disarming and easy nature about the way he approaches coaching that puts the people he works with at ease very quickly.  As well as the training he has done on coaching specifically, he also brings a wealth of life experience to the group and individual discussions to bring a rounded view on a topic. I have found my time with him to be highly beneficial and I would recommend him to anyone looking to know themselves better and to develop their individual strengths.

Rich H

Meet your coach,
Ross Rotherham

Through coaching, I’ll help you uncover a deeper understanding of yourself. You’ll learn more about why and how you operate, get clear on your goals and purpose, and take meaningful action towards progress. This awareness will help you improve the way you communicate with others and connect you more deeply to your definition of satisfaction and success.

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Coaching is for Individuals who:

  • Have recently taken on greater responsibility

  • Want support to develop effective habits around work, health and mental fitness

  • Are ambitious, seeking greater success and intellectual stimulation

  • Have a bigger vision for life and a growing need for purpose 

  • Are looking to create financial stability

  • Wish to build others up and facilitate successful collaborations.

Reach your potential with leadership coaching

  • Uncover your strengths

  • Get consistent positive results

  • Work in a way that flows and energises you

  • Connect with your purpose to create your deepest impact in the world

  • Develop greater self-awareness and personal satisfaction

  • Clarify and establish your personal brand.

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