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Leadership coaching for technical leaders

Define and act on your vision

My vision is to support you to create more impact with less effort. By learning how you best operate you can lead from your strengths, understand and reduce your limitations and become your best self in work and life. As a technical leader for over 20 years, I’ve been where you are - and I know how to get you where you need to be.


If you’re a rising leader or moving into a new role, I can help you:

Transition successfully

Harness your strengths to improve your performance

Develop communication skills to help you thrive in challenging situations

Foster innovation and engagement in your team

Develop your personal brand, confidence and presence

Increase your influence and stakeholder management.

Successful leadership means leaning into your strengths to achieve greater satisfaction and outcomes in both your professional and personal life.

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Create a space to fast-track performance improvement, within and beyond your workplace. 3, 6, or 12 months 1:1 coaching programs with a focus on technical leadership guided by an experienced and insightful coach.


Customised wellness and strengths programs designed for tech and PreSales teams to optimise team performance, improve communication, speed time to outcomes and reduce incidents.


The Positive Intelligence Programme boosts three core mental fitness muscles so you can learn to intercept negative thought patterns. Enact lasting change for greater wellbeing, better performance, less stress and a more fulfilling life.

coaching solutions

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Coaching is a collaborative partnership between client and coach, designed to support you to stretch and reach new insights. Sessions boost self-awareness through the use of powerful questions to drive reflection and uncover your best forward path.

Coaching is often supported using industry recognised assessments. Between sessions, you’ll have reflection activities, practices and actions to help you move forward and embed new positive habits. Books, podcasts, blogs and other material is provided to support your development.

As part of the accountability process, a coaching plan is developed collaboratively then maintained by the client throughout the process.  

meet your coach: Ross rotherham

Ross is a certified Clifton Strengths, GLWS (Leadership Wellness) and IECL organisational coach & ICF member. He strives to bring out the best in each individual, inspiring people to step into their potential and make their greatest impact in work and life.


Ross has a disarming and easy nature about the way he approaches coaching that puts the people he works with at ease very quickly.  As well as the training he has done on coaching specifically, he also brings a wealth of life experience to the group and individual discussions to bring a rounded view on a topic. I have found my time with him to be highly beneficial and I would recommend him to anyone looking to know themselves better and to develop their individual strengths.

Rich H

Step up and create your biggest impact

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