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Outcomes. Communication. Resilience.

Team excellence coaching helps technical teams build a better understanding of each other, to work more efficiently, communicate more effectively and achieve the best outcomes.

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What does team excellence coaching look like?

Through 1:1 coaching and guided practical group sessions, technical team members have the chance to dive deeper into their own strengths and blind spots. This, in turn, increases awareness of why others operate the way they do. 


The flow-on effects include improved communication and an understanding of how to work together with greater impact. Improved interactions come through insights into how other team members process information, build relationships, energise others and drive to outcomes.

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A strengths-focused team excellence program is designed to help you lead from the talents that come naturally and generate satisfaction. In doing so, your team can increase their impact, maximise time to outcomes, embed powerful communication strategies and build resilience.

1:1 Coaching 

  • Clifton Strengths assessment for each attendee

  • 1:1 Top 5 Strengths report debrief

  • 1:1 Full Clifton Strengths report debrief

  • Core Strengths: Name, claim and aim 

  • Supporting Strengths: How to lean into 

  • Non Strengths: Why these are not weaknesses

  • Blindspot identification and mitigation

  • Theme Dynamics and interplay of your unique strength combination.

​Team Optimisation

  • Strengths framework deep dive to identify how different people process information, build relationships, energise others, drive outcomes

  • Bring Strengths to life through sharing stories

  • Communicate your Strengths profile in your wordsBest of me, Worst of me, Support me with

  • ‘My User Manual’ development , a sharable user guide embedding the Strengths language and benefits into your culture.

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What can team excellence coaching help with?

Coaching can help your team members:


  • Better understand and amplify their own strengths

  • Identify and amplify the strengths of others

  • Maximise the effort to output ratio

  • Delegate smarter

  • Get greater satisfaction from execution

  • Increase resilience

  • Reduce burnout

  • Improve communication within your organisation for faster progress toward outcomes

  • Reduce incidents

  • Achieve operational excellence.

Improvements will be seen within the participating team, which will filter through to their interactions with other internal and external teams or customer engagements.

Are you ready for your team to experience impactful, lasting change?

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