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Purposeful leadership coaching 

That's Spike

Guiding you towards high performance in work and in life

Coaching supports you to better understand yourself, learn more about why and how you operate and connects you with your purpose. By developing stronger self-awareness, you’ll reveal your goals and potential, stirring you toward your greatest impact, deeper work/life satisfaction and ultimate success.

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About leadership coach, Ross Rotherham

As a leadership coach, Ross is a keen observer of people’s strengths. He strives to bring out the best in each individual, energising people through conversation and peeling back layers to get to their truth. Ross’ innate fascination with the human condition is what drives him to hunt for insights and inspire people to step into their potential and make their greatest impact in work and life.

Ross is an ICF Accredited coach with certification in Organisational Coaching (IECL), Clifton Strengths, and GLWS (Leadership Wellness). His coaching approach is informed by a convergence of two significant careers: 20 years in technology PreSales and executive leadership, preceded by 10 years in clinical health sciences.

Ross’ earlier career in allied health practices in New York and Sydney gave him a deep understanding of the human condition as the provider in ten thousand 1:1 clinical sessions. His leadership has included developing teams across Asia, EMEA and the Americas. Using data-driven qualification methodologies, Ross has solved problems for some of the world's largest digital experiences. 

This extensive background in complementary medicine and developing people in corporate settings has allowed Ross to do what he does best - bring out the best in others. With 1:1 leadership coaching, he continues this mission, sharing his personal passion for coaching and challenging others constructively for impactful personal and professional development. 

Working with mid to C level technology leaders, business founders, and sales and PreSales leaders globally, Ross develops teams through combining individual strengths and natural talents to maximise whole-team outcomes.

Ross is a keen swimmer, gardener and cook. He counts among his greatest experiences extensive scuba diving, skydiving and he has rafted 200 miles of the Grand Canyon.


He lives in Sydney with his wife and teenage son and continues his search for 42.

Why work with Ross?
  • 20 years of technical experience including executive leadership

  • Global experience of living and working internationally and with multicultural teams

  • An innate approach to inclusivity and diversity

  • A holistic approach to work, life and health

  • An objective expert, able to connect with and use the language of tech professionals.

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Through coaching, I help individuals and teams 

  • Clarify and own a purposeful and impactful career path

  • Implement change strategies that work

  • Operate as your best version, leveraging natural talents and mitigating blind-spots

  • Build mental fitness

  • Thrive authentically in work and life.

Are you ready to make your greatest impact?

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