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Positive Intelligence for Mental Well-Being works with the strong relationship between our thoughts, beliefs and the results we create for ourselves. Instead of focusing on positive thoughts that bring about wellbeing, happiness and a fulfilled existence, we often spiral with negative thought patterns. 


  • Do you often let your thoughts run you?

  • Do you take your thoughts as the truth instead of what they are - just thoughts?

  • Do you find yourself self-sabotaging? 


While many of us understand the benefits of being physically fit, we can also improve our mental fitness by strengthening our thinking.

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Why take part in the Positive Intelligence Programme?

The 6-week Positive Intelligence Programme (PQ Programme) is designed to boost three core mental fitness muscles so you can experience:


  • Better performance with less effort

  • Less stress and more consistent happiness, even in challenging situations

  • Improved relationships and conflict management.

What does the PQ training look like?

Increasing your mental fitness takes practice because you’re building powerful new muscles in your brain. Step-by-step training through weekly video content and multiple brief daily practice sessions guided through an intuitive app help you boost the three core muscles of mental fitness.

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How the three core mental fitness muscles work

Saboteurs interceptor muscle

Saboteurs generate all your negative emotions, such as stress, anxiety, anger, procrastination and self-doubt. Through mental fitness coaching, you’ll learn to intercept and discredit saboteurs.

Sage muscle

The sage handles challenges with a clear, calm mind and positive emotions. It also has access to your five primary powers, empathise, explore, innovate, navigate and activate. Peak performance requires you to boost all five powers and know when to use each one.

Self-command muscle

Learn to run your own brain, instead of letting it run you. You’re not in full control of your mind, but you can build up this crucial muscle so it has more power.

Are you ready to master your mind for greater wellbeing?

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