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What people are saying about Ross

Ross brings a wealth of life experience

Ross has a disarming and easy nature about the way he approaches coaching that puts you at ease very quickly. As well as specific coaching training, he brings a wealth of life experience and a rounded view to all discussions. My time with Ross was highly beneficial. I would recommend him to anyone looking to know themselves better and develop their individual strengths.

Rich H

A transformative experience that  brought my team closer

Ross’s approach to a strategic Presales coaching workshop immediately resonated with me and my leadership team. It has transformed our approach to stay focused on what we do best. The added wellness lens helped me at work and provided insights on how to live a more satisfying life at home. 


Ross’s extensive PreSales experience gave my team the immediate confidence that he understood our unique challenges. His approach resulted in a transformative experience that brought my team closer, and increased engagement and satisfaction both professionally and personally.

Marc B

I can better understand and leverage my individual strengths and leadership presence

The insights generated through coaching were extremely valuable in developing actionable steps to enhance my leadership potential. I can better understand and leverage my individual strengths and leadership presence, and develop members of the team.


By leveraging the insights gained, I was offered a medium-term acting branch head role in my department (i.e. SES B1 level) then a promotion with another government organisation. I would strongly recommend Ross as an executive coach for senior leaders across the Australian Public Service.

James D

Positive, insightful and inspiring

I didn’t know what to expect when I enrolled in the program. On reflection, it was positive, insightful and inspiring. Ross was approachable, knew how to get us out of our comfort zones, and to get the most out of our values and beliefs.


Thank you, Ross, for the quality of your delivery and for the guidance.

Prescilla L

Thought-provoking and challenging

My coaching program with Ross was aimed at identifying and maximising strengths to achieve greater personal and professional satisfaction.


The 1:1 sessions were thought-provoking and challenging. They helped me better understand how I can use my unique talents for my own and others' benefit.


The group sessions were a real joy. Ross is a talented coach and facilitator and I would highly recommend his services to anyone seeking to better themselves.

Andy M

I have more confidence in my abilities

It was a very affirming experience working with Ross as a coach. He is encouraging, quick and attuned with a knack for clearly explaining things. He asked the right questions to centre my thinking and helped me clarify my goals.


I've gained some super practical ideas to move my projects forward and I've also had the opportunity to dig more deeply into how I do what I do. The Strengths work is powerful because it has given me a clear picture of my natural talents and it also prompted surprising inner reflection.


I loved the balance of structure and exploration in this program and I’ve come away with more confidence and faith in my capabilities

Sally M

Ross can help you see the bigger picture

I learnt not only about my talents, but also my blind spots, saboteurs and the expectations I have of others. This helped me to move on faster when blind spots appear in day-to-day life.


Overall, this course was beneficial for both my personal and professional life and would definitely recommend it to others. Ross has a good understanding of individual skills and how they can support or sabotage us. He can help you see the bigger picture if you’re open to honest self-reflection.

Eva S

Colleague Reflections

"A great listener"

" inclusive leader before it became a thing"

"...highest level of integrity"

"...great leader who shared his vision well"

"...a great communicator"

"...always kept confidentiality, credibility and intimacy with his people"

"Understand people, their drivers and motivation..."

"... coach people to reach further with confidence"

"Knowing the positive impact strong networks, cooperation and collaboration has..."

"...decisions and operations based on facts and data"

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